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The fashion industry is polluter Nr 2 in the world. Sustainable production becomes the norm, but it is like mayonaise light, you still can eat as much as you want. It becomes clear that producing and consuming less new clothes is the most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry. Because of their economical interest the power full voices in the fashion industry, brands, producers, magazines and influencers will not promote less consumption of new clothes, instead they promote  the contrary. Therefore it is up to other people in and around the fashion industry to take the initiative. 

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Trend forecaster and creative director, The Lady in Blu who has a passion for fashion and has no direct economic interest in the sales of new clothes, felt obligated to help reducing the pollution of the fashion industry. She initiated RE LOVE FASHION and founded RE LOVE Foundation in 2018.

The Lady in Blu, is the inspirer, motivator and the face of RE LOVE FASHION and performs on behalf of the RE LOVE FASHION as a speaker, in the press and at social events.

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Quote by Herman Wijffels

You have an important story to tell; linked to this time and what the future needs, You are the inspiration. You must do it ”

Quote by Sandra Maguarian

There is no one more passionated about fashion and trends, she feels it, she wears it, she breathes it. She is fashion and trends.

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