May - September 2019 


- Promotional editorial

Concept, fashion and styling

by RE LOVE Foundation

Photography Thijs Wolzak



Promoting and stimulating Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style and Re-Peat Fashion in Business life.

Initiated by RE LOVE Foundation 

On behalf of the Ministry of I & W of The Netherlands  

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RE LOVE FASHION in Bussines Tour

The RE LOVE FASHION in Bussines Tour visits companies with a RE LOVE FASHION presentation about how Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion in Business helps reducing the pollution of the fashion industry.

The tour includes a fashion truck with a RE LOVE FASHION (Re-Used Fashion) in Business collection that will be sold in order to stimulate and activate joy full alternatives for new clothes in business life.

AMG by Mercedes-Benz

Trailer by Buko


June 2019

Dressed in RE LOVE FASHION in Business collection 

Undressed in Marlies Dekkers lingerie

RE LOVE FASHION in co-operation with Marlies Dekkers.


International launch Marlies Dekkers Lingerie & Swimwear collection "winter" 2019 during a business dinner with hundred international guests; buyers influencers and television.


Fifteen models, dressed in "RE LOVE FASHION in Business" collection, joined the business dinner "under cover".  During the dinner the models  stoop up, undressed and revealed the lingerie collection of Marlies Dekkers.

Def-RE LOVE FASHION - Marlies Dekkers_Gr

Will be launched in september

RE LOVE FASHION & Breast Cancer Prevention

Take care of what you care for.

Your body.

Your clothes.

Your environment.

Your health.

For  The Dutch Government  - Ministry of I & W  

RE LOVE FASHION will launch an initiative that sents a message about breast cancer prevention and promotes the reduction of new clothes consumption and curb pollution linked to the fashion industry

In partnership with Ogilvy and Friends (Dimitri & David)


RE LOVE FASHION presentations

The Bridge, Sweden.

January 30th , 2019The Bridge Forum is on a mission to tackle humanity’s most urgent global challenges to find the solutions for tomorrow. By linking science and business within the areas of life science and materials science.

 Sustainable Fashion Press day of the Municipality Amsterdam.

April 4th 2019

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