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To reduce the pollution of the fashion industry through promoting, stimulating and activating less consumption of new clothes.

The fashion industry is polluter Nr 02 in the world, we use four times as much clothes in weight as a couple of years ago. It becomes clear that producing and consuming less new clothes is the most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry.

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It is time to bring back love in the fashion industry. We almost forgot what is so nice about fashion. Fashion is about beauty. Fashion is joy. Fashion is the golden border of life that makes every day more beautiful. Through disconnecting the link between fashion and pollution, with positive solutions Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion we can RE LOVE FASHION

We would like to see less production and buying of new clothes and more application of the principles of Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion.

Re Love what we have.

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Goal: In the Press

Expected Reuslts


Less consumption of new clothing.


Less pollution by the fashion industry


People will find socially appreciated joyful alternatives to buying new clothes, that make buying new clothes superfluous. Companies will find alternatives for selling new clothes and are going to find new business models that are disconnected from sales in quantity and sales of new clothing.

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A healthier "new" economy is stimulated which does not pollute to the extent that the old / current fashion economy did / does.

The fashion look will be more random and non-label dictated, in which creativity and the attitude towards the environment gains a higher social status than the underlying value in money and possessions which until now often determined the social status of clothing.

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Goal: In the Press

Core Values

1  RE LOVE Foundation 

promotes, stimulates and activates less consumption of new clothes.

2  RE LOVE Foundation 

aims at a behavioural change among consumers (less consumption) and companies (less production) of new clothes and promotes this behavioural change with RE LOVE FASHION concepts.

3  RE LOVE Foundation 

creates RE LOVE FASHION concepts that promote, stimulate and activate less consumption of new clothes with positive solutions.


Core Values

4  RE LOVE Foundation

communicates a fashion message with fashion.

5  RE LOVE Foundation 

creates RE LOVE FASHION concepts, that promote and stimulate less consumption of new clothes directly to consumers or that communicate the message through companies to their consumers.

6  RE LOVE Foundation

develops creative concepts, that activate less production of new clothes, for companies.


RE LOVE Foundation is a non-profit organization.

All earnings will be re-invested in projects that promote, stimulate and activate less consumption of new clothes. The foundation shall not hold on to more than is reasonably necessary for the continuity of the activities provided for the purpose of the foundation.

Goal: In the Press
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