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Help reducing the pollution of the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is polluter Nr2 in the world. The power full and richest voices in the fashion industry; producers and brands, promote consumption of new clothes and so the pollution of the fashion industry goos on.

RE LOVE Foundation offers a counterweight

RE LOVE Foundation breaks through the system and offers a contra voice to the current fashion system that pushes the sales of new clothes. RE LOVE FASHION pushes less consumption of new clothes with joyful fashion solutions in order to cut the link between fashion and pollution.

In order to work effectively, and have a contra voice to the powerful and rich forces in the fashion industry donations are necessary.


Your donation can by transfered to

Stichting RE LOVE 

Triodos bank

Account number: IBAN: NL56 TRIO 0379 4548 82

Please mention -Donation- in the description of your transfer.
We thank you very much for your support!

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