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Creative Agency

RE LOVE Foundation is the world’s first creative agency based on a societal mission; reducing the pollution of the fashion industry through promoting, stimulating and activating less consumption and production of new clothes.

RE LOVE Foundation develops creative RE LOVE FASHION concepts that promote, stimulate and activate less consumption and production of new clothes with positive solutions Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-pair and  Re-Peat Fashion.

RE LOVE Foundation is powered by The Lady in Blu

Trend Forecaster and Creative Director


- Vision & Strategy

- Fashion & Styling / Re-Use & Re-Touch Fashion

RE LOVE Foundation creates concepts and content  for magazines, newspapers, influencers, on line platforms, brands, shops, musea and events.

RE LOVE FASHION communicates a fashion message with fashion.

All concepts

- intends to create a behaviour change of consumers ànd companies.

- activate alternatives to producing, selling and buying new clothes.

- promote and stimulate less consumption of new clothes, with positive alternatives.

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RE LOVE FASHION presentations

International speaker and initiator of RE LOVE Foundation, The Lady in Blu, gives  RE LOVE FASHION presentations in the context of the purpose economy and future trends .

Creative Agency: In the Press
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